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Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the functioning of the human body. Think of it this way. You have a house that has living room, bedroom, kitchen and everything else you can find in a normal home. However, you had misplaced the key to your main door. You can’t enter the house. Unless a locksmith is engaged to help pick the door-lock, the house is shut from entering. Similarly, a child with autism can still function in his capacity. However his understanding of his surrounding is hindered by his brain processing power. Unlike a normal child, he cannot follow norms and acts in entirely different mannerisms from his peers. There is a noticeable lack of eye contact and he carries on his habits oblivious to the world around him. So is there a cure for autism? The short answer is no. But there is definitely help that can bring the person with autism into the mainstream fold. The earlier he seeks help, the better his chances of receiving some normalcy in his life. Early intervention ensures that a child with autism receives proper guidance and assistance to reduce his “odd” behaviours. Research shows that when a child with autism receives early intervention, he has a much better chance of integrating back to society.

In our centre, the approaches we use are in line with the research-based practices that world class institutions of higher learning have emphasized. The child is provided with an environment that meets his needs. He goes through a routine schedule with minimal disruption to ensure that he maintains the consistency. Every activity is meticulously planned so that he is induced to work on his communicative, social, cognitive and motor skills. Through constant guidance and positive reinforcements, the child is immersed in improving his skills. Over time, he meets his goal. Our consultants will progressively increase his activity and skill levels. Similar to the analogy of a house without the key, we are now able to unlock and lay foundation to help the child progress in life.

Our consultants and therapists are well versed in reaching out to the child with autism. We can even extend our therapy sessions to cover academics as well. Our approach has seen some of our centre children joining the mainstream schools and consistently performing on par with their peers.

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